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Miltonvale Reforestation & Wildlife Field Trip

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City of Charlottetown



Project Title:

Miltonvale Reforestation & Wildlife Field Trip

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Project Summary:

On October 25, 2018, the City of Charlottetown hosted three Grade 8 classes from Queen Charlotte Junior High School at its Miltonvale Wellfield site. Approximately 72 students and four teachers participated in field trip activities over a three hour period. There were three activities set up – a watershed demonstration using an interactive watershed model, a nature identification walk with emphasis on the importance of protecting the land and streams in the watershed, and tree planting. Students rotated through the activities with approximately 50% of the time planting trees. Students enjoyed the tree planting, and it is a good way to engage them on how trees protect our resources and improve habitat to encourage wildlife.

The watershed demonstration and nature walk work together to help students understand things they can do to protect the watershed and its fish and wildlife. By participating in related activities, students learn to plant trees properly and to recognize the environmental benefits of planting native trees and shrubs. Environmental benefits include the provision of food and habitat for wildlife, improved air and water quality, erosion prevention and stream protection, and increased water infiltration. Students can carry this knowledge forward into adult life.

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