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Permanent Protection of Forested Wetlands in the Brudenell River Watershed

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Island Nature Trust



Project Title:

Permanent Protection of Forested Wetlands in the Brudenell River Watershed

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Project Summary:

With the support of the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund, Island Nature Trust has been able to move ahead with four new land acquisitions totaling 350 acres (142 ha). As the province’s longest-serving private regional land trust, our primary mandate is to secure ecologically sensitive land, protect it in perpetuity and conserve its ecological integrity through effective land stewardship actions. While the lands in this project were principally gifts from generous Island landowners, there were significant costs borne by INT related to professional appraisal, survey and legal fees. These associated expenses were paid for using funds awarded by WCF.

The land in the four parcels consists of forested wetland, riparian forest and stream habitat in Brudenell, Fort Augustus, Portage and Freeland, PEI. These habitat types are recognized as supporting the greatest diversity of wildlife of those that make up the forested landscape in Prince Edward Island. Wildlife present includes several frogs, snakes, forest and wetland birds, small mammals, insects and plants. Species at risk known to occupy some of these locations include the Canada warbler and eastern wood peewee. Several uncommon plants are present in the wetland and riparian habitats, including mature eastern white cedar and American elm.

With just 3.6% of the Island’s land mass protected as natural area through the combined efforts of Island Nature Trust, the Province, Nature Conservancy of Canada, PEI Wildlife Federation and private landowners since the 1980’s, we have a considerable way to go to attain the provincial target of 7% protected land mass in PEI by 2020. The securement of these new 350 acres of biologically rich and diverse habitat contributes greatly toward that goal and is indicative of what can be achieved through the concerted effort and generosity of Islanders!

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