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About the PEI Wildlife

Conservation Fund

Photo Credit: Island Nature Trust


About PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund

The Prince Edward Island Wildlife Conservation Fund provides financial support to groups working on projects that benefit wildlife and wildlife conservation in PEI.

The sources for funds are:
1. Annual conservation fees incorporated into PEI licenses for hunting, angling and trapping
2. Conservation Plates purchased for motor vehicles in PEI.

Awards are merit-based and determined by an independent committee of eleven volunteers who represent specific wildlife interest groups on the Island. This Committee is not an arm of government, but rather operates independently and arms-length from government. The Province's role is to collect the fees from Islanders that support the fund, transfer those fees 100% annually to the fund, and hold one of the eleven seats on the WCF Committee.

The goals of the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund Committee, according to their terms of reference are:

  • To ensure that monies are distributed to achieve long-term benefits to wildlife populations and associated habitats

  • To encourage and/or promote sustainable use of wildlife resources on Prince Edward Island

  • To ensure that the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund is accountable to those who contribute to it

2021-2022 Audited Financial Statements

History of the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund

In 1998, the Province of Prince Edward Island created the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund out of revenues generated from a conservation fee charged for hunting, trapping and angling licenses. The original purpose for the fund was to support a hatchery that could restock native fishes into Island rivers that had been impacted by fish kills. The fund was administered internally through the Forest, Fish and Wildlife Division for several years.

In the early 2000's there was a call from the public to have the fund made arms-length from government and open to an application-based awards process. Hence, in 2006, a committee of volunteers was struck to consider applications and award funding based on project merit. A fee-for-service contract was established to cover the administration of the fund through a third party. Along with the drafting of terms of reference for the committee, this has allowed the fund to function with a certain level of autonomy.

The PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund Committee

The Wildlife Conservation Fund Committee is composed of volunteers who are nominated by the public and/or associations representing the individuals that contribute revenues to the fund. They sit for a three-year term and can remain for two 3-year terms. Nominations are considered as seats are vacated and replacements are voted in by the existing committee members. Each committee member represents a user and/or interest group as follows:

The current Committee is made up of the following individuals:

Dave McRuer (Chair) - Biodiversity

Angela Banks - Angling

Jordan Condon - Angling

Kris Hunter - Angling

Lloyd Phillips - Hunting

Santina Beaton-MacEachern - Hunting

Tom Duffy - Hunting

Ed MacDonald - Trapping

Frances Braceland - Watershed Groups

Michael Montgomery - Non Consumptive

Julie-Lynn Zahavich - Government

The WCF Administrator:
Community Foundation of PEI 

Community Foundation_Horizontal.png

Photo Credit: Island Nature Trust

Photo Credit: Donna Martin


Photo Credit: Donna Martin

part of barrachois pond.JPG
Male Bobolink (photo taken by Shirley Gallant).JPG

Photo Credit: Shirley Gallant

Photo Credit: Island Nature Trust

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