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Rehabilitating Fish Migration Through Campbell's Pond in the Hunter River Watershed

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Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group



Project Title:

Rehabilitating Fish Migration Through Campbell's Pond in the Hunter River Watershed

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Project Summary:

The Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group was formed in 1999 to preserve and restore the health of the Hunter River Watershed in North Central Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada. We focus on creating a sustainable future for the local community through the protection and preservation of our waterways and the native flora and fauna.

The Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada has awarded funding to the Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group over a four year period to retire the existing concrete fish ladder and install a natural fishway out of Campbell’s Pond in New Glasgow, PEI. The natural rock design will restore migration runs for Trout, Rainbow Smelt, Alewife, American Eel and other small coastal fishes. The goal of this project is to increase fish populations and biodiversity within the watershed to improve angling resources for the local fishing community on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island.

The planning of a natural fishway at Campbell’s Pond is currently underway with the construction starting in August in 2019. This year McCullough Environmental Engineering completed the final design and drafted up a tender document for the construction bid in early 2019. Eric Montgomery completed the topographic surveys for the final design. The Government of PEI is also heavily involved with communication and collaboration with the landowner, negotiating lease agreements and providing guidance on project planning and permits.

In addition to planning efforts, water and wildlife monitoring efforts were expanded this year to identify key project areas, track changes over time and to measure project successes. Monitoring efforts includes water flow and quality measurements, headwater surveys, stream health assessments, along with observational fish and wildlife surveys.

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