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Abegweit Biodiversity Enhancement Hatchery PEI Wild Fish Stocking Program

Successful Applicant:

Abegweit Conservation Society



Project Title:

Abegweit Biodiversity Enhancement Hatchery PEI Wild Fish Stocking Program

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Project Summary:

The goal of the Abegweit Biodiversity Enhancement Hatchery located on the Scotchfort Reserve, is to provide native wild Atlantic salmon and Brook trout to support the stocking of recreationally fished rivers and ponds on PEI. Fish are also grown at the hatchery to support restocking of rivers in the unfortunate event of a fish kill. Another goal is to provide Atlantic salmon and Brook trout eyed-eggs for the Salmon Friends program.

This project has a direct benefit to wildlife populations in rivers that have experienced fish kills due to pesticide runoff. These rivers can be restocked/repopulated immediately instead of taking years to re-establish. Fish not required for fish kill remediation are used to supplement existing salmon and brook trout populations in four popular Island angling river systems; Brudenell, Morell, Trout River Coleman, and Dunk Wilmot. Approximately 4,000 derby sized fish are released each fall in a number of ponds across the province for recreational fishing opportunities.

The hatchery collects wild fish broodstock that are spawned in the facility. Every year there are a minimum of 50,000+ native Atlantic salmon and 40,000 brook trout raised to enhance the existing wild populations across the Province.

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