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Lot 11 and Area Watershed Management Group Inc.

Successful Applicant:

Lot 11 and Area Watershed Management Group Inc.



Project Title:

Enmore River Rehabilitation Project

Project Summary:

Because of WCF funding, we were able to begin rehabilitation efforts on 3.1km of the Enmore River Reach D, located in West Prince, PE. The Rehab efforts included instream blockage removal restoring fish passage, bank stabilization with brush matting, and riparian zone enhancement with the planting of 1000 trees/shrubs.

We were also able to complete a 3.1km access trail that hugs the stream system from HWY 2 thru to McNeills Mills Road. This measure not only restored access to historic fishing holes such as Martha’s hole, a favorite fishing spot of the past, it also mitigates damage to sensitive substrates from instream travel. We noticed recreational fishing once again being enjoyed on this section of stream by locals.

This first phase of the rehabilitation efforts on the Enmore River was a direct benefit to wildlife and aquatic wildlife are now able to navigate 3.1 km of stream system with no passage barriers. Terrestrial wildlife benefited from the planting of 1000 native trees/shrubs which enhanced forest diversity that will provide shade, cover and food for many years to come.


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