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Lot 11 and Area Watershed Management Group Inc.

Successful Applicant:

Lot 11 and Area Watershed Management Group Inc.



Project Title:

Freeland Creek Rehabilitation Project

Project Summary:

Because of WCF funding, our culvert replacement project undertaken on the Freeland Creek in the Municipality of Lot 11 and Area, West Prince was a huge success. The project was designed with three goals in mind. First, we wanted to improve connectivity and reduce pressure on the system in high water flow events. Our second goal was to improve fish passage. And finally to enhance the riparian zone with brush matting for bank stabilization and the planting of shrubs and trees.

With the replacement of a triple undersized culvert system to a 4ft culvert with 2ft overflow double culvert system sized for high water events, we were able to quickly correct the connectivity of the stream system. This measure also took pressure off the system at this location allowing water to flow through the culvert unrestricted reducing pressure and stabilizing stream banks at this location.

Fish passage was greatly improved as fish no longer had to navigate around blown out rocks and wood supporting the old culverts. With the installation of a new culvert system and removal of instream blockages, fish can now freely navigate the entire 1.5 km section of this stream thru to the estuary.

1.5km of the riparian zone on the Freeland Creek was enhanced with the development of access trails for watershed crews to complete project and maintain planting sites and stream blockage removals. Trails are essential to mitigate in stream travel damage to critical aquatic habitat. Along the 1.5km we planted 250 trees/shrubs for enhanced stabilization against runoff, increase diversity, provide shade, cover and food for wildlife.


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