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City of Charlottetown

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City of Charlottetown



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Miltonvale Wellfield Reforestation Project Field Trip

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Project Summary:

In October, the City of Charlottetown hosted three Grade 8 classes from Queen Charlotte Intermediate School for a fieldtrip at its Miltonvale wellfield. Almost 80 students and several teachers participated in the event.

The Miltonvale Wellfield Reforestation Project Fieldtrip was part of the goal to protect the City’s 206 acre parcel of land through reforestation. This project was an opportunity to show our youth how to respect nature by planting trees properly, understanding the importance of watershed protection, and what they can do to protect the resources we have. Students worked together to improve habitat to encourage wildlife and to help protect a wellfield and its watershed.

There were four stations set up for the event – a water station tour, a watershed demonstration, a nature walk and a tree planting activity. Students rotated through the stations and had a session at each one with tree planting a favourite of many. The visual demonstrations and student participation in activities provided knowledge that has a better lasting effect.

The water station tour gave students a general idea of how a pumping station works, the importance of groundwater protection and how tree planting plays an important role.

A watershed model was set up and students were able to better understand what a watershed is and that we all live in one. With the demonstration outdoors, the presenter was able to relate the discussion between the model and actual watershed. Students learned various aspects of the watershed and what they can do to help protect it and its wildlife.


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