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Restoring Forest, River and Shoreline Habitat in the Hunter - Clyde Watershed

Successful Applicant:

Hunter - Clyde Watershed Group



Project Title:

Restoring Forest, River and Shoreline Habitat in the Hunter - Clyde Watershed

Project Summary:

The Hunter - Clyde Watershed Group was formed in 1999 to preserve and restore the health of the Hunter River Watershed in North Central Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada. We focus on creating a sustainable future for the local community through the protection and preservation of our waterways and the native flora and fauna.

This year, our group was able to improve forest, river, and shoreline habitat through monitoring efforts and projects focusing on restoring native vegetation, fish passage, and improving water quality. Our crew was able to improve fish passage in the Rosewood, Hopedale, and Rolling's Pond branches of the watershed through the selective removal of blockages along approximately 3 km of stream. Several brush mats were constructed along the Rosewood and Hopedale branches to collect silt and re-establish the banks, restoring the natural width and meander of the stream. Garbage and anthropogenic structures were removed from multiple sections of Line Creek to mitigate safety concerns and restore the riparian habitat to a more natural state. Nine alder patch cuts were completed to increase species diversity within the riparian zone along Johnson Creek.

Throughout the field season, our group has worked towards restoring and expanding the Acadian Forest by planting over 3000 native trees and shrubs. Plantings were done in riparian, hedgerow, shoreline, field, and forest understory habitats to increase species diversity and expand the total forested area in the watershed.

Our staff has used several monitoring methods to assess the overall health of our watershed. Throughout the year, we have recorded water quality and flow measurements, conducted headwater surveys, completed stream assessments, and recorded incidental wildlife sightings and signs to help us understand all aspects of our watershed and what improvements can be made in the future.

The Hunter - Clyde Watershed group attends community events and provides information for residents and visiting tourists within the community to have a better understanding of water, land use impacts, forests, birds, fish and other wildlife on PEI. The Hunter - Clyde Watershed Group is the founder and co-host of the annual Winter Woodlot Tour, attracting over 1500 islanders of all ages. Our group is actively involved with educating students from local homes and schools by collaborating with other non-profit organizations, partners and stakeholders to provide students a hands-on approach through outdoor environmental education programs.

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