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Howe Bay Nature Reserve Expansion

Successful Applicant:

Nature Conservancy of Canada



Project Title:

Howe Bay Nature Reserve Expansion

Project Summary:

The Howe Bay Nature Reserve Expansion project led to the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat, providing lasting food and shelter for several different flora and fauna. An additional 3.6 hectares was added to an existing nature reserve on PEI; increasing connectivity and cohesiveness in the existing protected area network. The Nature Conservancy of Canada's existing Elizabeth Walsh (also known as Howe Bay) Nature Reserve is situated near two large provincially protected areas; the Sailor's Hope Bog and Grove Pin/Big Brook Wildlife Management Area. This expansion project saw the reserve expand from 12.5 ha to 16.1 ha. The expansion will remove the threat of possible land fragmentation, allowing for increased uninterrupted wildlife movement. This area of eastern Kings County is one of the least populated areas on PEI and contains large intact forest corridors.

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