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Fullerton Sub-Watershed Assessment and Enhancement

Successful Applicant:

Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group



Project Title:

Fullerton Sub-Watershed Assessment and Enhancement

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Project Summary:

The Fullerton sub-watershed is home to some of the last remaining "pristine" riparian and stream habitat in Stratford and the surrounding area. Three tributaries flow into Fullerton's Marsh, two of which were the focus of this project. Fullerton's Creek and Jack's Creek are important freshwater systems within the Stratford watershed.

The goals of this project were to conduct surveys of riparian zones, benthic macroinvertebrates, water quality, fish populations, and stream connectivity, and to conduct habitat enhancement work in-stream and within the riparian zones.

Over 400 native trees, and some shrubs, were planted within the riparian zone along Jack's creek, and over 1.5 kilometers of stream were enhanced through alder removal and brush mat creation along Fullerton's Creek. Water quality was monitored weekly at three locations within the sub-watershed, culvert surveys were performed, benthic macro invertebrates were sampled in two streams, electrofishing surveys were conducted in two streams, and riparian zones were assessed.

Aquatic wildlife will benefit from our enhancement work through better water quality and improved stream hydrology and flow. The in-stream enhancements will contribute to a narrower stream channel, faster flowing water, and less in-stream sediment deposits. The surveying and assessment will lead to project planning and more enhancement projects in future. Other wildlife will benefit from increased forest cover along riparian zones, including birds, mink, snakes, squirrels, and other wildlife that have been observed during riparian assessments.

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