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Carragher's Pond Fishing Platform / Dock

Successful Applicant:

Central Queens Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation



Project Title: Carragher's Pond Fishing Platform / Dock

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Project Summary:

Carragher's Pond located on Quinn's Brook (West River) is a common location for anglers and canoeists. The old dock/fishing platform was used to launch canoes and a platform used by fisherman, but the existing structure had become damaged.

During spring of 2019, Central Queens Wildlife partnered with Bluefield High School carpentry class to build a replace the existing dock/fishing platform. The new dock was larger and was made accessible to wheelchairs and the elderly by providing a ramp to get onto the dock/fishing platform. The bank alongside the dock/fishing platform was notched in a manner to help launch canoes and kayaks more effectively.

Lastly, there was sign at the pond that had some historical information regarding the pond and restoration efforts but the pictures had faded from the sun and also was in need of replacing. A new sign was made and erected at the site with similar information, new pictures and acknowledged the WCF as a funding partner.

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