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Wright's Creek Watershed Environmental Committee

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Wright's Creek Watershed Environmental Committee



Project Title:

Install Educational Signage for Andrew's Pond Trails

Project Gallery:

Project Summary:

There are hundreds of people living within a one to five-minute walk of the four kilometres of trails along Andrew’s Pond and Wright’s Creek in Charlottetown. The trails are heavily used. Our 2017 project goal was to install interpretative signs that describe the wildlife, trees and the natural environment along the trails. By installing appropriate signage we hope to generate an appreciation for nature and help the public and students from nearby schools to learn more about the birds and animals living in the area. The signs will help get the public onside as we work to restore and protect natural areas within the City of Charlottetown.

We designed and installed the following signs:

1. A Riparian and Buffer Zone sign that outlines the importance of riparian and buffer zones in preserving the natural environment along watercourses and wetlands. The sign is installed in a Riparian area along Wright’s Creek.

2. A Waterfowl sign that describes some of the waterfowl commonly seen at Andrew’s Pond. The sign features pictures and information on cormorants, mallards, Canada geese and blue herons and is mounted on an observation platform overlooking Andrew’s Pond.

3. An Eagle sign showing a series of 11 pictures of an eagle swooping down, grabbing a fish and flying off.

4. A Beaver sign showing the two-year history of beavers living in the area. The sign features pictures showing the impact beavers have had on the area, and attempts to show a balanced view of the pros and cons of beaver activity.

5. A Fox sign showing foxes in East Royalty, Then (circa 1920-1935), and Now (2017).

6. An Osprey sign mounted near an osprey nest at the mouth of Wright’s Creek. Interesting facts about ospreys and several osprey pictures are presented.

7. A series of Acadian Forest Tree signs. This is a series of 16 small 12-inch by 7.25-inch signs identifying typical Acadian forest trees that will be positioned near appropriate trees along the trails. A leaf or twig is pictured along with an identifying description. The signs have been printed and will be installed in the spring of 2018 once the frost is out of the ground and there is sufficient foliage to identify the trees.

8. A historical sign covering the History of the Wright’s Creek area. Although this sign is not about nature, it does provide information of interest to trail users who will also see the more nature-related signs and thereby gain more of an appreciation of wildlife.

This is an educational project that provides an indirect benefit to wildlife. Signage helps users identify and appreciate some of the animals, birds and trees that can be found along Wright’s Creek and Andrew’s Pond trails. By making a trail destination that not only provides natural beauty but, in addition, provides interesting information, we hope to attract more trail users and foster in them a respect and an appreciation for our natural world, including our wildlife.


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