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WRIG Salt Water Marsh and Fish Habitat Enhancement Project

Successful Applicant:

Wheatley River Improvement Group Inc.

Award: $3,700

Project Title: WRIG Salt Water Marsh and Fish Habitat Enhancement Project

Project Gallery:

Project Summary:

This project took place in the Wheatley River watershed and its sub watersheds including Lukes Creek, Ross Creek, Chapel Creek, Cymbria, Oyster Bed Bridge, and Hornes Creek. The purpose of this project was to enhance the habitat in our watershed by making lasting efforts to add forest cover, invest in educational opportunities, and rehabilitate sections of stream that are crucial brook trout habitat. Stream restoration and habitat enhancement efforts took place on Pigeon Creek and the South Branch of the Wheatley River, with over 8 bank-stabilizing brush mats installed. A monoculture alder stand was patch cut and replanted with native trees and shrubs. Headwater surveys were conducted in spring and fall. Over 1200 native trees and shrubs were planted throughout the watershed boundary. Several youth education and community outreach events were held within the watershed, WRIG also participated in other events outside our watershed in collaboration with other environmental groups.

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