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WRIG's Pollinator Garden Education Project

Successful Applicant:

Wheatley River Improvement Group, Inc.



Project Title:

WRIG's Pollinator Garden Education Project

Project Summary:

This project took place at Rackham's Community Pond in Wheatley River, PEI. The purpose of this project was to educate Wheatley River watershed community members about the positive benefits of planting and maintaining a pollinator garden for PEI wildlife. The pollinator garden that was planted in WRIG's watershed at Rackham's Community Pond was used as an example to demonstrate to and educate the community about the benefits of these types of gardens to PEI wildlife currently and for years to come. Before winter, WRIG's pollinator garden was weeded and was covered with compost to protect the flowers and add nutrients to the area for better growth in the spring.

An educational pollinator garden sign was created which provides detailed information about the demonstration garden and its importance to PEI wildlife and is available to all who visit Rackham's Community Pond. The sign includes an explanation of what a pollinator garden is, why it is planted a certain way, why pollinators are important, and some tips on planting your own pollinator garden. This information reached many community members which will help increase awareness of and number of visits to our pollinator garden as well to encourage others to create their won such gardens.

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