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WRIG Habitat Enhancement and Fish Passage Restoration

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Wheatley River Improvement Group



Project Title:

WRIG Habitat Enhancement and Fish Passage Restoration

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Project Summary:

This project took place in the Wheatley River watershed and it's sub watersheds including Luke's Creek, Ross Creek, Chapel Creek, Cymbria, Oyster Bed Bridge, and Hornes Creek. The purpose of this project was to enhance the habitat in our watershed by creating lasting efforts to add forest cover, invest in educational opportunities, and rehabilitate sections of stream that are crucial brook trout habitat.

Stream restoration and habitat enhancement efforts took place throughout this geographic area. Our major project component was the removal of a degrading culvert and the installation of a free spanning wooden bridge. This culvert located between the Church Rd. and Stead Rd., was hanging with significant erosion on either side, proving to be a major barrier to brook trout passage and a sediment loading site in the Ross Creek tributary, a branch off the main Wheatley River. The culvert was removed using a backhoe and the stream bank was graded back and fortified with R25 size rock for strength and erosion prevention. The bridge itself was constructed out of juniper beams and anchored to abutments. This bridge re-established connectivity for brook trout to the upper headwaters of Ross Creek. Placement, design and planning was based on discussions with several professionals from Fish and Wildlife and TIE, in addition to site visits with similar ideal bridges.

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