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Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed Association

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Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed Association



Project Title:

Watershed Enhancement for the Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed

Project Gallery:

Project Summary:

Project locations were spread throughout Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed Association’s management area.

Goals: improve fish passage and stream health, improve forest quantity and quality, monitor water quality and quantity, water conservation to improve stream health, community education.

Results: blockages removed from 8.5km of stream, culvert repair allowed fish passage to 1.5km of stream, 19 water conservation program participants, 3000 trees and shrubs planted, 2 tons of shoreline garbage collected, 25 brushmats built and 16 brush mats updated, 42 brush piles constructed, 24 patch cuts for forest enhancement, 26 students from Stonepark held field trip with tree planting and shoreline cleanup.

Benefits: • Blockage removal, alder management, and culvert removal/replacements will improve fish passage through streams. • Trees and shrubs planted will provide wildlife habitat and food. • Garbage cleanups will reduce issues with microplastics and animal ingestion. • Brushmats improve stream flow and temperature issues found in wide and shallow streams, and provide habitat for young fish until they become established. • Patch cuts and replanting in an area of aging balsam fir will increase diversity of forest, which will provide food and habitat for a greater variety of animal species. • Brush piles constructed from the dead trees in the patch cuts create shelter for animals and allow for more effective tree planting in the cleared area.


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