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Winter Monitoring and Public Outreach Project

Successful Applicant:

Trout River Environmental Committee



Project Title:

Winter Monitoring and Public Outreach Project

Project Summary:

We designed information signs for the Devil's Punchbowl property in South Granville, which we manage under license from the Province. The work included taking GPS tracks of the trails, importing that data into a GIS system, developing a map of the trails, researching the history of the area, adding pictures of local tree species, and doing the graphic design work. All the design work was undertaken by wildlife conservation students as part of their work experience.

We also had some other signs printed including signs to indicate that snowmobiles are not allowed on the trails, and coloured markers to fix along the three main trails.

The resulting sign will help locals identify the trails - including a new trail that we developed in 2020; lead them to our native plant garden; help them appreciate the history of the area; and help them to identify some of the native tree species on the property.

Many locals and visitors use the Devil's Punchbowl trails and native plant garden and it increases their appreciation of wildlife, especially regarding native trees and shrubs. Snowmobilers have been damaging the trails, and hopefully with the new signs that will end.

Note that our original project proposal contained many other activities, but these were not funded by WCF, only the signs were funded.

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