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Wildlife Habitat Enhancement in Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed

Successful Applicant:

Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed Association



Project Title:

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement in Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed

Project Gallery:

Project Summary:

Goal: Improve forest quality and quantity:

Interplanted forested areas with diversity of tree species to create more microhabitat types and food options for wildlife; created/expanded hedgerows to reduce erosion and increase wildlife habitat area and habitat connectivity within agricultural landscape; and planted trees and shrubs in former agricultural fields adjacent to forests to expand the forest faster and with more diversity than if left to natural succession processes.

Goal: Improve fish passage:

Removed blockages and debris from 3.6 km of streams to improve fish passage and water flow patterns; worked with Department of Transportation, Infrastructure & Energy on project planning for extensive culvert work to take place in 2020.

Goal: Improve water quality:

Installed six new brush mats and improved 2 brush mats to remove silt from waterways and improve substrate for fish eggs; conducted shoreline cleanup around Tracadie Bay to collect 1340 kg of material to prevent plastic ingestion by wildlife; measured dissolved oxygen levels at two sites within the Winter River estuary to quantify duration of anoxic events which could kill fish; worked with farmer at erosion control project to protect fish habitat below a potato field.

Activities took place throughout the Winter River - Tracadie Bay watershed area.

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