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Wild Child PEI Nature Immersion Program

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Sierra Club Canada Foundation



Project Title:

Wild Child PEI Nature Immersion Program

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Project Summary:

Wild Child is a free nature immersion program offered to children and caretakers in childcare centers across PEI and aims to inspire children's imagination and enthusiasm about being in nature which will in turn foster a sense of respect and responsibility for local wildlife and the environment. With the funding from the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund, Sierra Club Foundation--Atlantic Chapter was able to deliver Wild Child Nature Immersion programs to 19 centres across all three counties in PEI from November to March, reaching 542 kids with 4 visits to most centers (total of about 22,626 cumulative hours of getting kids into nature). Visits took place in Summerside, Hunter River, Scotchfort, Montague, and Charlottetown.

During these visits, we learned bird calls (chick-a-dee-dee, cheeeeseburgerrr), build bird nests, and followed bird, fox, and rabbit tracks in the snow. We climbed trees, played Eagle Eye, picked up garbage, learnt what lichen is, built forts, learnt to tie knots, and made close-up observations of snowflakes and grass blades under magnifying lenses. We used all our senses to identify trees, got wet, and created nature art!

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