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Wheatley River Improvement Group, Inc.

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Wheatley River Improvement Group, Inc.



Project Title:

Osprey Nesting Post with Camera Live Feed

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Project Summary:

This project took place in the Wheatley River watershed, specifically in South Rustico, near an inlet of Rustico Bay. The purpose of the project was to enhance osprey habitat and protect osprey from injury by providing a safe and appropriate nesting platform. With help from Maritime Electric and Fish and Wildlife, an ideal location was selected. The structure was built by Maritime Electric, based on a design that has been successfully implemented in other areas on the Island. It is essentially a platform constructed at the top end of a tall post (a “retired” electrical pole). The post and platform were installed in conjunction with the Conseil acadien de Rustico at the “sentier de nos racines” trail, which is part of the “Jardins du Grand-Rustico” behind the Centre acadien Grand-Rustico. The Centre is located in a prime osprey nesting area and they have had many problems in the past with osprey continually attempting to build nests in active electrical poles causing power outages and injury, even death, to the bird population. The new location is far enough from the road to deter the birds from attempting to nest in the power poles and closer to the water in a safe nesting area. Our hope is that the osprey will nest in the new platform upon their return this Spring.


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