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West Prince Fab Four YSI Water Quality Testing

Successful Applicant:

Cascumpec Bay Watershed Association Inc. & 3 Other Watershed Groups



Project Title:

West Prince Fab Four YSI Water Quality Testing

Project Summary:

All four watershed groups have been gathering information using a YSI Portable Multiparameter Water Quality Meter borrowed from the PEI Watershed Alliance. The information gathered is important in monitoring changes in water quality as it relates to: PH balance, temperature, nitrates, salinity, TDS (all dissolved contents in water), conductivity, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, mercury levels, and other.

This information is passed on to the PEI Alliance and Government of PEI; it becomes part of the repository of data used in watershed management decision making.

The purchase of this equipment will make it possible to monitor multiple streams of a weekly basis year round (weather depending).

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