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Watershed Activities

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West Point & Area Watersheds Inc.



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Watershed Activities

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The project “Watershed Activities”, took place from May to September 2018 in West Prince, Prince Edward Island. This project involved activities that enhanced stream conditions, improved wildlife habitat, increased public education, and improved fish passage in all six of our main streams.

The following activities undertaken to meet our goal objectives were as follows:

1) A pool was re-excavated in Dunblane where we had installed a bridge last year. This new pool will provide a deep, shaded cool area for aquatic life while also doubling as a stream sediment trap. Grass was planted to stabilize fill and maintenance to this area will continue into 2019.

2) Three additional brushmats were installed in the Big Pierre Jacques river system to prevent and trap silt from travelling downstream. The brushmats from previous years were inspected and maintenance was completed if necessary. Weekly maintenance was completed at Glenwood Pond to prevent vegetation overgrowth as this site is a popular tourist attraction.

3) Trails were cut to provide easy access for maintenance crews and recreational fisher people.

4) A total of 200 native trees were planted in riparian zones and in beaver meadows to not only stabilize the banks of our streams, but to also increase biodiversity, create shade and cover for wildlife, and provide some canopy cover for our local streams.

5) We visited grade five and six students in O’Leary Elementary School who had participated in our fish rearing program. Students learned about the importance of water conditions and how they can affect our wildlife. Students observed and cared for fish in their school throughout the early stages of development. Students were able to observe the release of their fish on a field trip to Big Pierre Jacques River System. Here, we had the pleasure of having an elder from Lennox Island First Nation attend to conduct a release ceremony during our field trip.

6) In all six of the surrounding watersheds, we removed any blockages that impeded fish passage and/or obstructed water flow in the main streams sectors.

Thank you, Wildlife Conservation Fund for aiding in the success of our projects every year.

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