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The Enhancement of Fish Habitat and Connectivity: Westmoreland River

Successful Applicant:

South Shore Watershed Association



Project Title:

The Enhancement of Fish Habitat and Connectivity: Westmoreland River

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Project Summary:

In 2019, the South Shore Watershed Association received funding through the Wildlife Conservation Fund. These funds were invested in the enhancement of Westmoreland river, and tributaries entering Stordy's Pond, providing fish access to lower contamination risk habitats and spawning grounds.

One of the goals of this project was to improve fish access to the section of the river, from Stordy's Pond through to the Balaklava Rd. According to the last assessment reports, even though this section has been addressed in past years, numerous trees have fallen in high winds causing fish blockages along the stream. The section was cleaned with the SSWA summer crew and Kensington North Watershed crew. The enhancement of this large section was addressed through protecting the natural habitat by only removing the debris necessary to release the blockages caused by numerous trees.

Another goal was to improve fish access from Stordy's Pond through to the Halls Lane tributary. The tributary empties into the side of Stordy's Pond. Fish habitat is good, providing natural cover through large wood lots and protection from intense agriculture practices. Enhancement was done on part of the section. The remainder of this section and the southern branch will be addressed next year due to lack of equipment (the chainsaw was broken, and the fallen trees were too large to use a handsaw).

The Macdonald Rd tributary was another tributary addressed during this project. This tributary empties into Stordy's Pond and was enhanced as much as possible, cleaning any blockage along the route, keeping natural cover and protection for the wildlife.

The last goal described in the project was to replace the private hung culvert with a new culvert capable of passing fish and withstanding additional flash rainfall events, however, this project was refused.

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