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Stream Crossing Kildare River

Successful Applicant:

Cascumpec Bay Watershed Association



Project Title:

Stream Crossing Kildare River

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Project Summary:

The goals of the project were to remove two collapsed culverts, the rocks and debris from the stream, and build a free span bridge crossing.

The first issue with the collapsed culverts was that it created a fish passage issue, but more importantly it created a stream bank erosion problem; in spring and in times of heavy flow the collapsed culverts would cause the stream to overflow its banks thus causing serious bank erosion.

The second issue was the heavy ATV, snowmobile, and other traffic using this crossing. If we just removed the culverts the traffic would have gone through the stream, creating erosion issues. In cooperation with the landowner, CBWA, the WCF, Department of Environment, the contractor, and volunteers, we removed the obstructions and erected a "government approved" bridge at that location. The bridge is free standing, constructed in a fashion to handle heavy traffic, and built to last many years. Materials used were concrete base on both banks, 4 pieces of 20 inch by 9 inch by 32 feet long stringers, 68 pieces of 4 inch by 6 inch by 8 feet decking, over 100 pounds of 10 inch spikes, three loads of rock, straw, grass seed and other miscellaneous material. This project was completed on schedule and on budget.

This project was a prime example of how numerous stakeholders can work together and accomplish meaningful change to rectify problem areas within our watersheds.

The completed project was inspected by Mr. Kevin Arsenault and meets his approval as per a copy of his e-mail on file at WCF.

The landowner and the users of the crossing were extremely happy with the results of the project and with the fact that the bridge is safer than what was there, plus there is no longer an issue of flooding and erosion.

Win, win, win situation!

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