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Stratford Watershed Improvement 2018

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Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group



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Stratford Watershed Improvement 2018

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Project Summary:

The project Stratford Watershed Improvement 2018 took place from April to December 2018 in the areas of Stratford, Alexandra, and Hazelbrook, in PEI. The project involved activities that improved wildlife habitat, increased public education, and contributed to monitoring efforts.

This region is unique in that it is transitioning from primarily agricultural land use to urban and suburban land use, at a rapid pace. Areas undergoing this transition often lack any form of wildlife habitat or habitat connectivity (houses replace empty fields, with little tree planting). This project worked to protect and restore habitat, with a focus on waterways, riparian areas, and public spaces. A primary focus this year was a riparian area that completely lacked trees or shrubs (currently fallow agricultural land) which is designated for suburban development in the near future. Funding from the WCF was used to help in the restoration of 2.5 acres of this riparian area. In particular, Red Osier Dogwood and Swamp Milkweed were heavily used in planting, in an effort to boost habitat and food sources for birds and butterflies.

The following activities were undertaken to meet project goals:

  • Over 1,200 native trees and shrubs were planted

  • Stream re-visitations were completed in Pondside, Kinlock, Bellevue, and Fullerton’s streams

  • Education of invasive species Purple Loosestrife and Japanese Knotweed

  • Two local students were hired for 8 weeks in the summer

  • Participation in local public events, including Nature Day/Community Expo/Earth Day

  • Water Quality Monitoring program was implemented and expanded, including weekly water quality testing at six locations, and continuous data logging in Pondside sub-watershed

  • Annual Tree Days fundraiser and tree planting initiative was carried out

  • A pollinator garden expansion at Reddin Park was carried out

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