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Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group (SAWIG)

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Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group (SAWIG)



Project Title:

Stratford Watershed Improvement 2017

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Project Summary:

As a group in a fast-growing part of Prince Edward Island, the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group (SAWIG) works diligently each season to improve wildlife habitat throughout its sub-watersheds, as well as work towards empowering and engaging residents to become environmental stewards on their own property. With increasing pressure on remaining wildlife habitat in our region, SAWIG is committed to working in local waterways, parks and public spaces and with town staff and residents to help create and enhance places for wildlife to live, nest and feed. Some of the work SAWIG did this spring-fall included stream restoration, detailed riparian zone and coastal zone assessments, native tree and shrub planting, education of residents and town staff, the hiring of a local student, and weekly water sampling in the Pondside Sub-watershed system. Additionally, multiple tree days were hosted for the general public, as well as invasive species assessment and identification throughout our watershed area by watershed staff.


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