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Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group (SAWIG)

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Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group



Project Title:

Annual Building Better Backyards for Birds Series

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Project Summary:

The Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group (SAWIG) received funding through the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund to host what has become an annual series entitled "Building Better Backyards for Birds", held within the Stratford watershed. This year, multiple events were held, aimed at both improving winter food sources for local and migrating wildlife, as well as providing nesting location for tree swallows. SAWIG works diligently to engage the public within its communities (Stratford, Pownal, Alexandra, Fullertons, Hazelbrook), and this series invites participants to construct their own quality wooden birdfeeders and birdboxes during the winter months. Educational pieces are distributed to all participants on tree swallows, birdfeeder and birdbox maintenance and care, as well as a presentation on the types of birds they may see at their feeders throughout the winter. This year, information was also distributed on trichomonosis to those who attended the birdfeeder activities to help slow the spread of this destructive disease.


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