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Southeast Environmental Association

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Southeast Environmental Association



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Stream Enhancement in the Montague-Valleyfield Watershed: Phase II

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Project Summary:

SEA’s Stream Enhancement Program has primarily focused on connectivity and providing barrier-free access to fish from the estuary to the headwaters, with the following objectives in mind:

1. Restoring access to ideal habitats for juvenile and adult fish. 2. Maintaining or improving existing migratory fish habitat. 3. Enhancing spawning areas and access to them. 4. Evaluating restoration efforts and adjusting work as needed. 5. Working with landowners to improve fish habitat.

This season, we removed 18 remaining blockages from the northern branches of the Valleyfield River while trees and shrubs, previously planted in the riparian zone, were re-checked for survival. Prior to beginning the Montague River restoration work, preliminary stream condition data was collected to compare in subsequent years. Twelve kilometers on the Montague River were cleared of alders, debris and ~51 blockages, with 5 brushmats installed to control sediment. Removal of blockages and other obstructions has provided increased water flow/quality so that salmonids can thrive and make their way to important breeding/spawning grounds.


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