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Roseville / Miminegash Watershed - Project Dorian Restoration

Successful Applicant:

Roseville / Miminegash Watersheds Inc.



Project Title:

Roseville / Miminegash Watershed - Project Dorian Restoration

Project Summary:

Our project involved removing major blockages from identified streams within four of the six watersheds we manage, caused by many fallen trees due to Hurricane Dorian. As well, we planted many trees within repairing zones to replace those that had fallen. These watersheds were Miminegash River, Little Miminegash River, Campbellton, and Dalton's Brook watersheds. All four of these watersheds are located in Western PEI, located between the communities of Waterford and Howards Cove along Route 14. As a result of this project, stream flow and fish passage has increased and repairing zones will become healthier.

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