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Ring-necked Pheasant Conservation in Eastern PEI

Successful Applicant:

Souris & Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation



Project Title:

Ring-necked Pheasant Conservation in Eastern PEI

Project Summary:

Souris and Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation, with co-operation from Kensington North Watersheds Association and PEI Fish and Wildlife, worked throughout the winter to begin a Ring-necked pheasant banding and diversity exchange program. Pheasants would be live trapped and banded at the catch site located where there are stable populations in Souris River and North Kensington, then released at the opposing trapping site to be introduced and increase the genetic diversity and reduce inbreeding in local populations. Three different trap designs were testing with one showing a much higher success rate than the other two designs. With below optimal conditions for trapping due to reduced snow coverage and colder temperatures, Souris Wildlife managed to trap 4 pheasants total with 3 males and 1 female being caught. Due to the fact of low light conditions and fear of well being of the birds, none of the males were branded. The female escaping out of the trap before handlers could retrieve the bird. Trail cameras were set up around the trapping locations to monitor bird health, and behaviour around each trap design. While somewhat unsuccessful this year, the knowledge gained from this year's efforts will allow for a more controlled and successful diversity exchange program in the future.

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