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Richmond Bay Watershed Association

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Richmond Bay Watershed Association



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Healthy Watersheds, A Sustainable Balance Year 2

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Project Summary:

Watershed habitat restoration efforts can serve to improve the many ecological functions of stream channels and riparian zones that provide a home to many of our native wildlife species. The second year of this project focused to restore ecological health on four watersheds, Trout River, Little Trout River, Mill Creek and the Ellis River located in Central Prince County, PEI. Riparian buffers were restored by planting one thousand and fifty native trees. Seven kilometers of stream was worked on that included selective debris and blockage removal and installing 3,850sq feet of brush mat to remove current in-stream silt. An mixture of seventy wood and rock structures were installed to improve holding and rearing habitat for fish, providing cover and creating hiding areas. Additional efforts were made to provide opportunities for community involvement by holding one youth event, distributing one organizational newsletter, and carrying out landowner & local business communications.


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