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Restoring Fish Passage through Campbell's Pond in the Hunter River Watershed

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Hunter - Clyde Watershed Group



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Restoring Fish Passage through Campbell's Pond in the Hunter River Watershed

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Project Summary:

Location & History

Campbell's Pond, 16 acres in size, is located on the Hunter River just 500 meters above the head of tide in New Glasgow, PEI. In 1967 remnants of a mill and spillway were removed to allow fish movement. Later a new dam was build upstream of the road and in 1974 the Province constructed a concrete weir in the 270 ft. long runaround and a vertical slot fishway. In 1984, at the encouragement of DFO, the fishway was converted to a pool and weir design by PEI F&W.

Benefit to Wildlife

In recent years, there has been concern the slope and flow dynamics through the current fish ladder is not suitable passage for Rainbow smelt, American Eel, Alewife, Blueback Herring, Striped Bass and other small coastal fishes. By rerouting the passage through a natural fishway, this new design will improve migration access to 8 km of aquatic habitat above Campbell's Pond for diadromous species which will increase spawning success of the coastal fishes mentioned above. There will also be cascading ecological effects due to the influx of marine-derived nutrients and spawning activity.

Goal 1: Construct the natural fishway and water-control structure to restore sea-run migration for anadromous species.

Goal 2: Replace baffles in the current pool- fish ladder to meet current DFO standards and improve trout passage into Campbell's Pond.

Goal 3: Enhance the site for anglers and community residents to enjoy outdoor recreational activities i.e. parking lot and walking bridge.


The construction of a 350-foot natural fishway at Campbell's Pond was a success! Although we experienced some delays to the start date, we were able to begin construction mid-August, finishing up late October. Fishway monitoring will take place in spring 2020 to determine efficacy for passing migrating diadromous fish species. We also installed a walking bridge and parking area to ensure accessibility to the pond and planted grass and native shrubs along the dykes of the fishway to stabilize and beautify the area. There is green space next to the fishway that can be used for recreation and picnic tables, and informative signage will be installed next season to inform people of the history and function of the pond.

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