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Restoration & Enhancement of Stream & Riparian Habitats

Successful Applicant:

Morell River Management Coop



Project Title:

Restoration & Enhancement of Stream & Riparian Habitats

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Project Summary:

This project took place within the watersheds of the St. Peter's bay area drainage basin. This includes the Morell River, Midgell River, St. Peter's River, Marie River, Schooner Creek and Bristol Creek.

The goals of this project included:

  • Improving spawning grounds for Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout

  • Diversifying riparian zone tree species

  • Creating access for restoration work and monitoring

  • Collecting data

  • Improving water quality

  • Improving wildlife habitat

The Morell River Management Cooperative crew worked to restore and enhance both stream and riparian habitats for native fish and wildlife during the 2019 field season. The MRMC summer crew planted native trees in riparian zones lacking shade and diversity. By adding a diversity of tree and shrub species, these riparian zones will benefit more species of birds and mammals by creating food sources, travel corridors and new habitat. Swamp milkweed plants were planted around Mooney’s Pond to feed native pollinators, in particular the monarch butterfly. The native tree and shrub species planted will also help to stabilize stream banks and prevent erosion. The MRMC crew also worked to enhance habitat for Atlantic salmon and brook trout. Our stream enhancement crew built 35 brush mat structures in headwaters of the Morell River and Bristol Creek to collect sediment and uncover preferred spawning substrate. Our crew raked embedded substrate to enhance Atlantic salmon and brook trout spawning grounds.

Monitoring and surveys completed in 2019 included deploying 26 temperature data loggers from May until November, CABIN sampling with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Atlantic salmon spawning surveys by counting the number of salmon redds in the Morell River system.

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