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Responds to "Dorian" with Restoration Efforts

Successful Applicant:

Lot 11 & Area Watershed Management Group Inc.



Project Title:

Responds to "Dorian" with Restoration Efforts

Project Summary:

With the hard impact of Dorian, our area sustained many fallen trees along streams and within riparian zones throughout our watershed boundaries. We surveyed 5 major stream systems where past WCF projects have been funded and felt this year the best benefit to wildlife in the spring would be to engage in a maintenance project for all 5 stream systems ensuring that there is uninterrupted fish passage with fallen tree and blockage removal, planting of trees and shrubs where large blow outs occurred in riparian zone. Bank stabilization where needed with brush matting. Ensuring trapped sediment is removed with excavation of sediment trap. These major storms may become more regular and this type of project will allow our group to put a "clean-up" protocol in place to clear streams and maintain and rehabilitate riparian zones as quickly as possible in hard hit areas of our stream systems and riparian zones.

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