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Project Dorian Restoration - Tignish

Successful Applicant:

Tignish Watershed Management Group Inc.



Project Title:

Project Dorian Restoration - Tignish

Project Summary:

This project took place within 4 of our watersheds over the course of June to September 2020. The damage from Hurricane Dorian was extensive and caused many blockages within the watersheds.

We started with the Kildare watershed. Since there wasn't a chainsaw course due to COVID-19, we had to rely on volunteers with years of experience to help remove downed trees. Once the fallen trees were removed, we went to work planting yellow birch, eastern hemlock and maple trees. We checked on these trees periodically throughout the summer. We completed some patch cuts in areas that had an abundance of alders and planted yellow birch.

We then moved to Tignish River, Nail Pond, and finally, Round Pond, doing the same at each watershed.

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