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Prevent Establishment of Aquatic Invasive Species

Successful Applicant:

PEI Invasive Species Council



Project Title:

Prevent Establishment of Aquatic Invasive Species

Project Summary:

The Prince Edward Island Invasive Species Council collaborated with many partners to introduce messages aimed at preventing the introduction and movement of aquatic invasive species. The Zebra mussel, not know to be here, is the species of most concern, while occasional introductions of Koi and Canada waterweed are also worrying as they may lead to widespread establishment. We designed signs aimed at behaviour change with three different designs:

  1. Clean Drain Dry

  2. Clean Drain Dry and Don't Let It Loose

  3. Don't Let It Loose

The first sign theoretically went to 6 boat launch locations from Glenwood to Murray River. A second design with both Clean Drain Dry and Don't Let It Loose targets locations with Canada Waterweed, namely Kelly's Pond in Stratford and Knox's Pond, Victoria Cross. A Don't Let It Loose sign will be installed by the City of Charlottetown at Dead Man's Pond.

We prepared social media posters on Zebra Mussels, and dumping of Aquarium contents with Canada Waterweed, Goldfish and Koi. For Koi and Goldish we were able to supply text to go in the Anglers Summary. We also reminded people that turtles are not native to PEI and pet turtles should not be released. Postings on the PEIISC website were shared with watershed groups which greatly extended the reach of these messages and resulted in much more traffic on the PEIISC Facebook site. Signs in Stratford and Charlottetown were endorsed by the respective municipalities. PEIISC now has a municipal representative on Council and that will lead us to more collaboration with municipalities which is important as most invasive species are introduced in urban areas. We have not measured behaviour change but we expect to see more results in 2021 when people get to see our signs.

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