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Plamu'k na Kitapina'q Program (Salmon Are Our Friends Program)

Successful Applicant:

Abegweit Conservation Society



Project Title:

Plamu'k na Kitapina'q Program (Salmon Are Our Friends Program)

Project Gallery:

Project Summary:

The purpose of the Plamu'k na Kitapina'q program is to provide hands on experiential educational experience for students that include learning about the science/biology and the prominence of the salmon historically, culturally, economically as well as their habitats partnered with indigenous pedagogics called Etuaptmumk two eyed seeing.

The Plamu'k na Kitapina'q Program has a vast reach across Epekwitk, connecting people with nature from all stages of life, children, youth, adults and elders. Collectively sharing intergenerational knowledge and having an educational experience fosters many generations of wildlife caretakers.

This is a long-term investment in the futures of the plamu'k and the next seven generations.

Our program benefits wildlife by fostering an opportunity to contribute to sustaining a species of great concern, thousands of the reared salmon fry are released directly into rivers already having sustainable salmon populations. By increasing awareness through education, caring for the plamu'k and returning them to a sustainable river system, they learn to value their roles as care takers. For each salmon that returns in four years to spawn, that one plamu is contributing tens of thousands of eggs.

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