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Pisquid River Enhancement Project

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Pisquid River Enhancement Project



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Watersheds and Beaver Management in Five Island Watersheds

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Project Summary:

This project took place in 5 island watersheds including: Vernon River, Seal River, Clarks Creek Pisquid River and Head of Hillsborough. The objective of the project was to conduct our stream assessments and create plans that guide or habitat restoration and enhancement efforts in the coming years. Through the course of the project we successfully monitored and trapped beavers in three active areas and removed nuisance beavers that posed a threat to fish passage and habitat. In October we conducted a salmon redd survey in five watershed areas, this data will be used as a benchmark for our habitat restoration efforts in the coming years.

Additionally, an environmental engineer visited sites within the watershed and developed plans and gave recommendations for upcoming projects. These projects included the remediation of a largely infilled pond located on the Pisquid River and the replacement of an undersized and hung culvert. Based on the recommendations of the engineer, we will continue to work on these projects in the coming years.


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