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Morell River Management Cooperative Limited

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Morell River Management Cooperative Limited



Project Title:

Watershed Habitat Rehabilitation within the St. Peter's Bay Area

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Project Summary:

This project took place within the St Peter’s Bay area which includes: Morell River, Marie River, Bristol Creek, Midgell River, Schooner Creek and St Peter’s River.

Project goals included: 1. Enhance water quality in tributaries 2. Increase shade and bank stabilization 3. Improved access for stream enhancement work, surveys and monitoring activities 4. Effective use of time and resources 5. Collect data to improve efficiencies in enhancement efforts, share with other interested parties, and to compare with previously collected data 6. Increase biodiversity of shade tree species 7. Create and improve wildlife habitat

Project results included installing 32 brushmats, 10 floating cover logs, 15 bank stabilization logs, created & maintained access trails, planted 200 native trees, completed redd surveys, completed a creel census, removed or notched barriers to water and fish passage such as woody debris and in-active beaver dams and installed 26 temperature data loggers. All project results were completed by hiring eight staff plus the Watershed Coordinator and helped improve the overall wildlife habitat quality within the St Peter’s Bay area. This project has directly benefited wildlife by improving overall water quality and wildlife habitat though completing our stream rehabilitation activities including stream bank stabilization, providing shade, cover and food sources while collecting sediment from the stream. This project has indirectly benefited wildlife by collecting data to add to our database for monitoring and direction for future projects.


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