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Habitat Improvement for Wildlife in Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed

Successful Applicant:

Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed Association



Project Title:

Habitat Improvement for Wildlife in Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed

Project Summary:

Increase wildlife habitat with a variety of techniques pending other grant funding decision (ex: debris piles, brush mats, tree pruning, etc.). Goal: 15 structures, 10 brush mats Result: 17 structures, 12 brush mats

Improve fish passage by removing or reducing blockages such as trees downed by Hurricane Dorian.

Goal: 10km of habitat

Result: 11.7 km

Reduce litter which will be transported to streams during rain events by conducting roadside cleanups near areas where streams and roads intersect and other stream areas. Also reduce shoreline litter to reduce microplastic pollutions and potential for wildlife ingestion.

Goal: 1,000kg

Result: 2,430kg

Tree pruning to remove damage, encourage vertical growth, and promote less common species through selective removal (ex. in a white spruce plantation with a few naturally regenerating pine trees, cut some white spruce around pine trees that are found to allow them to thrive.)

Remove unused and problematic culvert on former farm equipment crossing (allowed under existing watercourse alteration permit WA18-002, Section 60.)

All projects will be completed throughout the management area of the Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed Association- map available at

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