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Foxley River East Rehabilitation / Enhancement Project

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Lot 11 & Area Watershed Management Group



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Foxley River East Rehabilitation / Enhancement Project

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Project Summary:

For the past eight years, rehabilitation and enhancement efforts on the Foxley River East system continue to be a huge success, thanks to the continued funding provided through the Wildlife Conservation Fund (WCF). Throughout the summer months, our group was able to plant 234 trees and shrubs to continue bank stabilization efforts, provide shade for aquatic life, alder management where alders were choking system, and finally to return native species diversity to the riparian zone. Two kilometers of access trails were developed and maintained, hugging the stream throughout the reach allowing stream enhancement work to be done with minimal impact on the streams sensitive substrate from unnecessary in-stream travel. Brush matting was installed in three new locations to trap any bedload sediment travelling downstream in high water events and to stabilize banks. Maintenance to seven existing brush mats was completed with seeding out mats that had trapped sediment to bank high forming a new stable bank. We were also able to remove all blockages from the stream system due to winter fallen trees. This provided uninterrupted fish passage to the head of tide and into the estuary.

Our special project was the re-excavation of one of two sediment traps in the system. This trap has been excavated approximately every other year since 2010. This year, excavation spoils were greatly reduced from previous years, demonstrating the value of in-stream traps and the importance of riparian zone and stream banks management upstream and downstream from these traps. The stream system as a whole is becoming more stable and diverse because of the continued partnership through funding the WCF has provided our group and community.

Our groups believes, having an educated and engaged community with regards to healthy stream systems and riparian corridors starts at a very young age. To that end, we provide a community based watershed day camp two months each summer, Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly. Children ranging in ages 4-12 attend, with this summer having 39 children registered. Watershed camp is a fun way of learning through crafts, nature trail hikes and outdoor exploring about the environment and the wildlife that depend on healthy habitats.

Our organization would like to thank the WCF for your continued support over the years, making it possible for community groups such as ours to make significant positive impacts on our environment.

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