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Enhancing and Restoring Wildlife Habitat within the Hunter - Clyde Watershed

Successful Applicant:

Hunter - Clyde Watershed Group



Project Title:

Enhancing and Restoring Wildlife Habitat within the Hunter - Clyde Watershed

Project Summary:

In the 2020 field season, we were able to restore and enhance the Acadian forest by planting over 1,600 native trees, shrubs and native milkweed plants in riparian, hedgerow, headwater, and coastline habitats throughout the watershed. Our team was also able to repair and improve fish passage by removing two "nuisance" beaver dams, and several other blockages.

Throughout the season, the field crew was able to install two large brush mats and several smaller ones to re-establish natural stream meander. Stream assessments were completed in the spring and fall to determine priority areas for brush mat installation and blockage removal for summer 2021. Other monitoring projects have also been completed in the form of headwater surveys, redd surveys, and weekly water quality and flow measurements to understand what is happening in our watershed.

To increase avian species habitat, HCWG was able to install or replace on bat box, two barn swallow boxes, and twenty tree swallow boxes in different locations around the watershed.

Although the global pandemic has made it difficult to include the amount of community involvement we usually strive for, HCWG has hosted some information booths and engaged with community members over the phone, via email, and by keeping our social media pages up to date with relevant and educational information.

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