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Ecosystems at Risk, Adapting for Change

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Richmond Bay Watershed Association Inc.



Project Title:

Ecosystems at Risk, Adapting for Change

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Project Summary:

This project involved implementing practical actions to improve degraded habitats that will help minimize the impacts of climate change to ecosystems that make it difficult for wildlife and aquatic life to adapt. The majority of this year’s field work activities took place in Wellington on the Ellis River Watershed where in-stream substrate and fish population is poor and elevated water temperatures over 25°C have been recorded.

Efforts have been spent carrying out a variety of techniques to improve wildlife habitats, remove sediment from the stream bottom, restore and maintain stream habitat connectivity and provide awareness among the general public. The work included removing in-stream obstructions that impeded fish passage and installing numerous brush mat structures and one in-stream sediment trap to help capture current in-stream silt. Water discharge, substrate and accessibility were improved in four substantial springs. Native tree and shrub planting was achieved in open areas along the stream.

Additional activities were carried out on the Trout River in Tyne Valley and on the Mill Creek in Port Hill that included the development of a sediment by-pass pond and installing in-stream rock armouring and cover structures. Activities achieved with the engagement of individuals from the watershed community included access trail development, monitoring fish trap, reconnaissance surveys, watershed newsletter mail out and landowner meetings.

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