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Diadromous Fish Monitoring in North East PEI

Successful Applicant:

Souris and Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation



Project Title:

Diadromous Fish Monitoring in North East PEI

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Project Summary:

This project aimed to gain a better understanding of diadromous fish populations within our management area to help guide future conservation efforts.

The streams in our management area are amongst the most pristine on PEI and support generally stable, and even in some cases increasing, populations of fish. We monitored the return of Atlantic salmon and Brook trout through redd surveys and a fyke net recording time of return, condition of the fish and preferred breeding locations.

We installed a fyke net in Hay River to record returning fish as part of a larger, extensive monitoring project within the system. It was in for approximately a month and overall caught 213 Brook trout and 9 adult Salmon. Of the 9 Salmon caught, 4 were female and 5 were male. 4 of the 5 males were grilse.

We also conducted redd surveys our seven Atlantic Salmon streams - North Lake Creek, Priest Pond Creek, Cross River, Bear River, Hay River, Cow River and Naufrage Creek. We counted Atlantic Salmon redds and Brook Trout redds altogether in the streams. Redd count surveys weren't as successful this year as previous years, potentially due to very unfavourable weather coming early, high and very dark water conditions in our watersheds. Atlantic Salmon redd counts overall in our rivers are down 77% from last year.

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