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City of Charlottetown Wildlife Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Project

Successful Applicant:

Ellen's Creek Watershed Group Inc. 2014



Project Title:

City of Charlottetown Wildlife Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Project

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Project Summary:

The project took place in the Ellen's Creek, Hazard Creek, and Hermitage Creek watersheds in the Charlottetown neighbourhood of West Royalty. The PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund helped fund our summer field crew who removed hundreds of pieces of garbage from the streams and pons in these watercourses. They cleared excess growth of watercress in a 0.5 km section in the headwaters of Ellen's Creek preserving critical brook trout spawning habitat. The windstorms that occurred in fall 2018 resulted in an unusual number of downed mature spruce trees impeding stream flow requiring intervention but also opened space for planting new species of trees by our field crew which will benefit future wildlife. Though these watershed areas are relatively small, they are heavily impacted by human activity. Habitat rehabilitation work like this backed by the Wildlife Conservation Fund provides crucial support to wildlife.

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