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Cain's Brook Restoration

Successful Applicant:

Trout Unlimited Canada Prince County Chapter Inc.



Project Title:

Cain's Brook Restoration

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Project Summary:

This project was carried out on the five-kilometer section of stream between highway 2 and the Jerry road stream crossing. The project concentrated on basic stream enhancement techniques such as, selective debris removal, brush mat instillation, using conifer trees from the surrounding woods and the manual excavation of several large springs entering the stream from the riparian zone. Other work included the removal of several obstructions affecting salmon passage, i.e. log jams and multiple beaver dams in upper most reaches of this section. The amount of alder choking in some sections was substantial as were the instream blockages in certain sections where woodlot clearing had allowed wind gusts blow down trees in the riparian zone across the stream. Continued beaver management is on going this trapping season. This area was supposedly trapped out last fall but one of the beaver dams was still active when crew was removing the dams. We went around this site and will deal it when the beavers are removed.

The removal of the alders in the choked areas will as well as the blockages will increase stream flow and restore connectivity to the system. This is especially important with this being one of the primary Atlantic salmon rivers in Western P.E.I. the excavation of the springs will increase the output of said springs not only improve stream flow but helps provide constant cool water temperatures another import factor for salmon habitat.

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