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Annual PEI Youth Waterfowl Workshop

Successful Applicant:

PEI Wildlife Federation



Project Title:

Annual PEI Youth Waterfowl Workshop

Project Gallery:

Project Summary:

The Youth Waterfowl Workshop provides youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to participate in the Waterfowl Heritage Day and to increase the youth’s awareness of the importance of wildlife and wildlife conservation, the role of hunters in wildlife management, as well as the basics of Provincial / Federal Regulations, while teaching them a variety of hunting techniques, with an emphasis on fun, safety and ethics.

• To educate 80-120 youth by attending this workshop

• To engage several conservation groups as volunteers – this is one of the only things we (conservation orgs) truly get together on annually. We ALL set aside our personal and professional mandates to work together to help youth become new Outdoors-people.

• To carry out a fun, safe and educational day for youth

• To hold planning meetings to ensure that the event runs smoothly and is successful in

providing a good experience for youth

• To engage youth through mentor-ship in outdoor activities on a wide range of topics relating

to hunting, wildlife conservation, enforcement and safety

• To expose / educate youth to the real outdoor world of hunting with a variety of sessions

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