Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed Association

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Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed Association


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Watercourse Enhancement within the Winter River – Tracadie Bay Watershed

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Project Summary:

This project focused on stream restoration within the Winter River watershed and featured:

  • Increased habitat area for fish by removing blockages to movement such as culverts and fallen trees
  • Improved habitat quality for fish by installing cover logs to create hiding places, brush mats to provide cover for small fish and address siltation issues, silt fences to address siltation issues, and trees in riparian areas to address erosion.
  • Increased habitat area for terrestrial animals by increasing forested area at the edge of agricultural field.
  • Improved habitat quality and quantity by working to reduce groundwater extraction by the City of Charlottetown, leaving more cold water in the system to allow springs to flow, which provides habitat areas in small streams, and cools the water in the larger river.
  • Water monitoring program provides indirect benefits by providing us with the data necessary to prioritize future direct enhancement activities.

The project goals revisited:

1. Remove blockages to stream flow
8 km of streams were cleared of debris and low hanging alders for the first time
2. Install at least 15 cover logs
15 cover logs installed
3. Build rock check-dams to address hung culverts
One culvert was completely removed
4. Maintain previously restored areas
2 km of streams were cleared of debris
5. Construct & maintain brushmats
9 new brush mats were installed, existing brushmats in three streams were improved by adding more brush, and an in-stream silt trap was cleared of accumulated silt
6. Maintain tree plantings
Pruning was done to most of the major tree planting areas from previous years and 900 new trees were planted
7. Improve fish spawning areas
Silt was raked from the gravel in two areas
8. Reduce water extraction from watershed
A three-year water conservation program was launched for the City of Charlottetown
9. Education
Students completed some door-to-door visits at the end of the summer; created a float for the Gold Cup and Saucer parade to improve water awareness of a huge group of people
10. Measure nitrate levels in springs
A total of 94 sets of water quality data were recorded from 42 locations in the watershed from August to November using a YSI meter
11. Measure water flows and note dry streams
Water flows were recorded from May to December using v-notch weirs at 14 sites and data loggers at 7 sites