Wildlife Service, Atlantic Veterinary College

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Wildlife Service, Atlantic Veterinary College


Project Title:
Building Raptor Perches and Separating Curtain to Enhance Flight Cage Facility

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Project Summary:

We were able to have Murdo Messer come over from Brookfield, NS to build the retractable perches and some additional ground perches for raptors. Murdo is co-founder of Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. He is also a graphic designer with expertise on building and enhancing flight cages for raptors. We were also lucky to have a special-education student from Charlottetown Rural High School – Carpentry program build 3 perches wrapped in sisal rope.

Goal 1: Building perches
The variety of perching surfaces prevents the chances of developing “bumble foot” infection in birds in care. Bumble foot is a debilitating disease that is hard to treat.
Goal 2. Enhancing raptor flying ability to higher perches
With retractable perches, we can test fly birds and assess their abilities to fly to higher perches.
Goal 3. Separating curtain
To accommodate more raptor species when needed and provide appropriate space for animals in our care. Some animals need a contained space to heal from their injury; others need space to practice their flight and/or build up flight muscle. We were unable to build the separating curtain this year due to a lack of funding.